Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roundhouse Cafe Winter - Whistler Mountain

Roundhouse Cafe - Whistler, originally uploaded by willtardy.

This is the view from below the Roundhouse overhang. There's lots of seating behind all those windows so you can sit and eat your lunch looking out over the gorgeous winter mountain landscape. It's also a good time to check the Whistler trail map and see where you've been and plan where to go after lunch. Whistler Mountain is big so it's best to ski a few runs at a time before heading cross-mountain to another area.

Roundhouse View from the Top of Whistler Mountain

whistler roundhouse view, originally uploaded by Tim in Sydney.

The Roundhouse is a non-round building at the top of Whistler Mountain - well, maybe not the very top - but The Roundhouse is at the top of the main Gondola ride up the mountain. It's the main amenities building on Whistler mountain including a variety of food services. It's come a long way from $5 for a burger and fries!